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Cascade Pediatrics has started a partnership with Care Convene to provide secure, at-home virtual visits. By using any smartphone with internet access, you can now have a virtual visit with your physician or care manager from our pediatric office.


Services Offered
  • Acute care visits for select concerns (e.g. pink eye, swimmer’s ear, rashes, bug bites)

  • Nutritional consultation and support

  • Care management and medication management for ADHD

  • Care management and Medication Management for Pediatric asthma

Why Participate?

Cascade Pediatrics is committed to providing excellent medical care to our patients. Some symptoms may be appropriately treated using a virtual appointment while others require a traditional office visit for full evaluation.


Virtual one-on-one appointments with your physician or care manager provide you with the convenience of mobility while continuing to receive excellent medical care. The cost of a virtual appointment is the same as a traditional office visit and allows you the flexibility of mobility or remaining at home.



Please call our office to schedule an appointment for a virtual visit. Call 616.940.3168 or request an appointment through our patient portal.

Signing Up is Simple and Easy!
Steps for Virtual Visit
Adding Dependents
  1. While in the app – tap the gear icon on the far right → 

  2. At the top of the screen – tap “Dependents”

  3. On the top right – tap “Add”, and fill out the form

  4. Once the form is completed, tap the save button.

First-Time Users

We recommend downloading & registering 15-30 minutes prior to your appointment to confirm your device is set up for a successful virtual visit.

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